After 24 years on our Board and as Chair since 2004, Steve Barnier recently resigned due to health reasons. Steve made an outstanding contribution, guiding Crowley with great clarity through a period of expansion and growth. He led the Board during the development of Crowley’s Master Plan which provides a lasting legacy for the next 25-30 years.

A humble man Steve has a unique ability to bring out the best in every person. Steve said, “Crowley is an amazing organisation, with an enviable reputation . . . built over nearly four decades. It will not be surprising that I’m really going to miss Crowley – the place just grows on you!. But really it’s all about the people. It has been a privilege . . . Please accept my sincere thanks.”

And the tributes fly in:

Father Michael Nilon said, “Steve  brought a perfect mixture of knowledge, experience and a really down to earth understanding of humanity. He personified professionalism with a heart – which is the Crowley spirit. Steve was always concerned for the individual people who lived at Crowley.“

Reflecting these comments  Crowley CEO Michael Penhey commented: “Steve always encouraged the Board to focus on the needs of our community in their deliberations. He was totally focused on making sure we were taking the best care of our broader Crowley family. And he has that rare ability that makes you feel like you are the only person in the room when he talks to you. And I know everyone who knows Steve feels the same.”

Resulting from Steve’s resignation Father Michael has appointed Carolyn Hunt as our new Board Chair. Carolyn has served on our Board since 2010.  To support Carolyn, Father Michael has created a new role, appointing Glenn Joynson as Deputy Chair of our Board.