Our People

Crowley is staffed by over 200 caring, professional and compassionate staff, carefully selected for their skills, qualifications and  unique spirit.

Committed to excellence, our staff ensure the needs of every client and resident are met in a professional and ethical manner and with that trademark Crowley smile.

Our staff deliver quality care and support to the highest standard 24 hours a day.

Driven by Catholic values and the acknowledgment of the worth of each and every person in their care, our staff pride themselves on exceeding the expectations of our clients, residents and their families.

To ensure services of the highest standards, Crowley is committed to ongoing staff training and education.

A team of allied health professionals and experienced community leaders supports Crowley to deliver quality, innovative care.

Our dedicated group of amazing volunteers provides vital support to clients, residents, family members and Crowley staff.

For more information on volunteering click here.