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Living at Crowley

At Crowley we appreciate the simple things, and we’re confident you will appreciate how simple the figures can be to live in an apartment or villa.

All your costs are known upfront and fixed from the day you move in. No Surprises.

How does it work?

The Crowley Retirement Village Contract financial arrangement consists of two components.

1. Entry Payment

  • 35% non-refundable portion
  • 65% refundable portion

2. Ongoing Weekly

  • The weekly recurrent charge is currently $121.50


  • Apartment or villa entry payment: $500,000

  • Non-refundable portion (35%) $175,000

  • Refundable portion (65%) $325,000 (Refunded to you on exit)

Contract Benefits

  • No Stamp Duty
  • No refurbishment costs
  • No complicated exit calculations
  • No responsibility to sell
  • Guaranteed fixed refundable portion

You will pay a fee calculated on a daily basis if you permanently vacate the village within your first year. You will pay a fixed non-refundable fee in the event you permanently vacate the village after the first year.

Please note: Photos above are indicative, your apartment may vary