When Bond University came to Crowley Care Services they loved what they saw – residents enjoying new life experiences with food.

The University sent two postgraduate students to capture on film Crowley’s innovative food service ideas. What they saw impressed them.

As part of the Lantern Project, Bond University’s Post Graduate Dieticians Sophie Mahoney and Katie Howard saw first hand how Crowley improves the quality of life by engaging their residents with good food, nutrition and fun times.

“We found Crowley’s residents and staff were connected in unique and clever ways. From making their own pizza together, to creative ways to celebrate wedding anniversaries and birthdays, Crowley involves residents meaningfully in mealtimes and food preparation” said Bond University’s Sophie Mahoney.

“They are empowering residents through fun social activities whilst bringing back positive memories of cooking,” said Ms. Mahoney.

Crowley CEO Michael Penhey said, “We encourage staff and residents to try new things.  And whist most residents are really glad not to have to cook the family meal everyday, they are happy to get back in the kitchen and try something new.”

“We like to give our residents choice, allow them to keep doing the things they love whilst providing inspirational living experiences for them – you’re never too old to make a pizza!” said Mr Penhey.

Bond University plans to showcase Crowley’s food innovation ideas via video on their numerous Facebook pages.

The goal is to inspire other aged care facilities to realise little things they can do in their own facility to improve the food experience for their residents.

The Lantern Project was conceived by Cherie Hugo a PhD Scholar on the topic of quantifying the value of nutrition in aged care.

The project is supported by Ita Buttrose and Dr Chris Del Mar from Bond University. It aims to improve the quality of life of older Australians through good food and nutrition.