Great people, Great culture, Great future

A career at award winning Crowley is rewarding on many levels

  1. Join a team delivering exceptional care across a broad range of careers and roles
  2. Be part of an organisation exceeding the expectations of our residents and clients
  3. Know that our staff satisfaction rates are higher than the industry average
  4. Thrive on genuine connections with our residents, clients, families and your colleagues
  5. Be fully supported with the right level of training
  6. Experience life at the cutting edge of the care industry
  7. Where a positive attitude to ageing and commitment to exceptional customer service is the norm
  8. Enjoy an enhanced quality to your working life
  9. Where your skills and experience are highly valued every day
  10. Benefit from flexibility in employment practices and work arrangements.

Plus when you join Team Crowley you enjoy:

  • Gym benefits
  • Free parking
  • Discount meals
  • On-site High Street quality cafe with Barista coffee
  • Riverside location
  • Celebrations galore

If you share Crowley’s vision and are dedicated to exceptional care, we’d like to hear from you. To become part of Team Crowley send a completed application and resume to [email protected]

Download a Crowley Employment Application Form here.

Get you career started with Crowley’s award winning team. Call 1300 139 099 today.